Frequently asked questions

What does each OWL paperlamp kit contain?


Each kit includes a pre-cut paper model and a base with an E14 light bulb socket, an electrical cord with switch and a europlug CEE7 (type C). Other plug options include UK plugs (type G) and EU to US plug adapters (type A). Also included is an assembly guide and an extra practice model. Light bulbs are optional and are only included upon request. Please note that you should only use LED light bulbs and that these must have an E14 fitting. This is a european standard that might not be available in your country (e.g. US, Canada and Japan).

How long will it take to assemble an OWL paperlamp?

You will spend a few hours assembling your paperlamp, so take time to do this in a relaxed way. Consider taking breaks between steps – there’s no need to rush.

Every model requires different assembly durations, depending on the complexity, size or number of pieces. Also, have in mind that some people are more experienced with modelling. Most importantly, test your glue and skill on the practice model, so you feel more comfortable when you move on to your paperlamp.

With some patience and dedication you will be happy with your result.

Which auxiliary tools do I need?


To crease the paper you will need a sharp end that does NOT cut (like the metal tip of a mechanical pencil) and a ruler.

You will also need glue, we recommend UHU® All Purpose Adhesive glue.

How do I crease, fold and glue the paper pieces?

fold-instructionsBefore you start, make sure you are working on a flat, clean surface and that all your tools are also clean.

To help crease the paper use a sharp end that does NOT cut and a ruler. Face the printed side of the paper towards you and mark all the lines, then fold according to the type of line indicated.

Try the individual pieces on the model before gluing. Test your glue on a small area or on the practice model, so you know the correct amount you should use. We recommend UHU® All Purpose Adhesive glue. Always place the glue on the reverse side of the printed paper, matching the flap numbers on the inside of the model.

Follow the assembly order given in the instructions guide.

If you have any difficulty, you can always contact us and we’ll try to give you our best support.

What type of light bulb should I use?

Only use LED light bulbs and equivalent energy saving light bulbs that do not generate heat. These should have an E14 fitting, which is a european standard and might not be available in your country (e.g. US, Canada, Japan).

Dimensions: max. 4,5cm diameter and 11cm height, except for the Barn Owl Paperlamp which uses a bulb with max. 8cm height.

We recommend about 200 to 400lm (lumen) intensity. The light bulb should not be in direct contact with the paper model. This will not happen if you follow the assembly instructions correctly and use an adequate light bulb.

Have in mind that light bulbs have different colour temperatures, we recommend 4000K (cool white). Your paperlamp’s glow may vary depending if you use a warmer or cooler light source.