Roaring Hippo

DIY Paperlamp

Roaring Hippo

Lazy Hippo yawn or Big Hippo roar?
We can’t tell if he’s sleepy, angry or maybe even hungry! What’s your guess? Meet our frightful Hippopotamus, directly from a sub-Saharan African swamp where he likes to slowly submerge and occasionally peek above the water. Make sure you don’t mess with him or you’ll probably get a much too close look at his pointy canines!

Our Roaring Hippo paperlamp consists of a papercraft kit for you to build the model. Either with friends or individually, enjoy bringing to life one more member at your home. Make sure to take at least a few hours to assemble your Roaring Hippo paperlamp – best results always require some dedication!


38cm x 17cm x 22cm




Each paperlamp model is a DIY papercraft kit, including a pre-cut paper model and a base with an E14 light bulb socket, an electrical cord with switch and a europlug CEE7 (type C). Other plug options include UK plugs (type G) and EU to US plug adapters (type A). Also included is an assembly guide and an extra practice model.

Models are made with high quality 160g paper presenting good resistance and durability. A variety of colours is available, so take a look at our colour palette.

Product language: English only.

Note: Only use LED light bulbs with an E14 fitting.