Small Penguin

DIY Paperlamp

Small Penguin

Welcome to our penguin colony.
These little friends will keep you up all night with their chit-chat, waddling dance and flipper flapping… A bedtime story will ease their bustle and settle them down. True nightlight companions for kids, they promise to glow through the whole night.

Our Small Penguin paperlamp consists of a kit for you to build the model. Either with friends or individually, enjoy bringing to life one more member at your home. Make sure to take a few hours to assemble your OWL paperlamp – best results always require some dedication!


42 cm tall




Each paperlamp model is a DIY papercraft kit, including a pre-cut paper model and a base with an E14 light bulb socket, an electrical cord with switch and a europlug CEE 7. Also included is an assembly guide and an extra practice model.

Models are made with high quality 160g paper presenting good resistance and durability. A variety of colours is available, take a look at our colour palette.

Note: Only use LED light bulbs (not included)