F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions


Why is this a DIY product? What does it mean?

All our paperlamps are DIY (Do It Yourself) papercraft kits, which means that you will build the model yourself. We provide the paper pieces and instructions, so you can join in the making process of the lamp and complete the model yourself.

What does each OWL paperlamp kit contain?

Each OWL paperlamp kit contains a pre-cut paper model, an assembly guide and a practice model. If you purchase a table lamp kit, it will include a light fixture with an E14 light bulb socket, electrical cord with switch and plug. If you choose a ceiling lamp kit, it will include a ceiling light fixture with an E27 light bulb socket and 1,0 meter long electrical cable. You can choose whether to include a light bulb or not.

For more information, check each item’s complete description.

How hard is it to assemble?

This depends on how experienced you are with papercraft activities and / or other manual arts & crafts activities. If you like putting things together and building models, this might be the right challenge for you. A good amount of dedication and precision will also ensure you a good result. Some of the models can be more complex in size and number of pieces (so it will take you longer to build them), but the assembly principles are the same for all the paperlamps. Children will need help and skill from an adult to go through the assembly guide and build their model.

Keep in mind that we are always happy to give tips and our best support throughout the assembly process, just get in touch.

What is the product’s language?

Our product comes in English only, but the assembly guide contains many diagrams to help visualize while building the model.

Can the paperlamps be used as reading lights?

Our opinion is that the lamps work better as nightlights, rather than reading lights. Of course this will depend on the intensity of the light bulb you use, but keep in mind that it is not a direct light source. Instead, the light shines through a closed lampshade. Besides the intensity of the light bulb, the paper’s colour will also influence the amount of light that comes through – the more saturated colours are, the less light will get through.


What type of paper is used?

The paperlamps are made with high quality 160g paper that contains cotton and presents good resistance and durability. The paper complies with ISO standard 9706, which is a guarantee for excellent conservation.

A variety of colours is available, just choose your favourite one.

Which paper colour do I pick?

We have a variety of colours available. Keep in mind that brighter colours will let more light shine through the paper, while more saturated colours will let less light come through. The light bulb’s intensity will also influence the paperlamp’s glow.

Which plug type should I choose?

EU plugs (type C) – commonly used in Europe, South America and Asia.
UK plugs (type G) – mainly used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.
EU to US plug adapters (type A) – mainly used in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Japan. Please note that these are plug converters, not actual US plugs (type A).

You can check your country’s plug type here.

What type of light bulb should I use?

Only use LED light bulbs and equivalent energy saving light bulbs that do not generate heat.

If you are purchasing a table lamp, you must use an E14 LED light bulb.

If you choose a ceiling lamp, you will need an E27 LED light bulb.

Please note that these are European standards that might not be available in your country (e.g. US, Canada, Japan). Please check beforehand, as you can choose to include an adequate light bulb in your kit.

We recommend about 200 to 400lm (lumen) intensity. The light bulb should not be in direct contact with the paper model. This will not happen if you follow the assembly instructions correctly and use an adequate light bulb.

Have in mind that light bulbs have different colour temperatures, we recommend 4000K (cool white). Your paperlamp’s glow may vary depending if you use a warmer or cooler light source.

Bulb dimensions:
for the Barn Owl Paperlamp: max. 4,5cm diameter and max. 8cm long
for all other table Paperlamps: max. 4,5cm diameter and max. 11cm long
for ceiling Paperlamps: max. 4,5cm diameter and max. 8cm long

Which Electrical Set is right for me?

Table lamps

The available Electrical Sets for table lamps offer 3 different plug types and the option to include a light bulb or not. After checking which plug type is adequate for use in your country, decide whether to add the light bulb as well.

The Electrical Set options are:
EU plug (type C)
EU plug (type C) and bulb
UK plug (type G)
UK plug (type G) and bulb
EU to US plug adapter (type A)
EU to US plug adapter (type A) and bulb


Ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamp kits include a ceiling light fixture with an E27 light bulb socket and 1,0 meter long electrical cable. The difference between the two available Electrical Sets is whether to include a light bulb or not. In case you wish to receive a different cable length, get in touch with us.

Remember: you should only use LED light bulbs with an adequate fitting: E14 for table lamps and E27 for ceiling lamps. These are European standards that might not be available in your country (e.g. US, Canada and Japan).


Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide.
Check our Shipping & Returns Policies for more information on delivery.

How long will it take to receive my order? Is it possible to expedite my delivery?

We will process your order in 1-3 business days after receipt of payment.
Packages are dispatched by priority mail with the Portuguese Post service and are distributed by each country’s Post service, so delivery times may vary.
The estimated shipping times according to the Portuguese Post are as follows:

PORTUGAL: 2-3 business days
EUROPE: 4-9 business days
NORTH AMERICA: 7-12 business days
REST OF THE WORLD: 10-20 business days

In case you are in a hurry to receive your order, get in touch with us prior to placing your order, so as to see the best solution we can offer you.
Check our Shipping & Returns Policies for more information on delivery.

Am I able to return the product?

Yes. Check our Shipping & Returns Policies for more information on returns.


How long will it take to assemble an OWL paperlamp?

You will spend a few hours assembling your paperlamp, so take time to do this in a relaxed way. Consider taking breaks between steps – there’s no need to rush.

Every model requires different assembly durations, depending on the complexity, size or number of pieces. Also, have in mind that some people are more experienced with papercraft and model making. Most importantly, test your glue and skill on the practice model, so you feel more comfortable when you move on to your paperlamp.

With some patience and dedication you will be happy with your result!

Which auxiliary tools do I need?

To crease the paper you will need a sharp end that does NOT cut (like the metal tip of a mechanical pencil) and a ruler. You will also need glue to put the model together. We recommend UHU® All Purpose Adhesive glue or other equivalent glue types.

These items are not included in the kit.

Which glue should I use?

We recommend UHU® All Purpose Adhesive glue or other equivalent glue types.

How do I crease, fold and glue the paper pieces?

Before you start, make sure you are working on a flat, clean surface and that all your tools are also clean.

To help crease the paper use a sharp end that does NOT cut and a ruler. Face the printed side of the paper towards you and mark all the lines, then fold according to the type of line indicated.

Try the individual pieces on the model before gluing. Test your glue on a small area or on the practice model, so you know the correct amount you should use. Always place the glue on the reverse side of the printed paper, matching the flap numbers on the inside of the model.

Follow the assembly order given in the instructions guide.

If you have any difficulty, you can always contact us and we’ll try to give you our best support.

Will the small numbers which are printed on the paper be visible when I finish assembling my paperlamp?

These numbers help you throughout the assembly process and will be on the inside of your finished model. However, keep in mind that we mostly use paper with bright colours to let enough light shine through, so you may notice the small numbers when your paperlamp is lit.

If you look closely at our product photos, you will also see them. We regard these small numbers as a feature of the product and process itself and believe them to be quite expressionless in the overall image of the paperlamps.


Are the paperlamps fragile?

Our paperlamps are quite resistant when assembled, since they become rather compact volumes. But keep in mind that the models are entirely made of paper and therefore quite fragile. Due to their light weight, they can also be knocked over. If your paperlamp suffers a dint, help with a long tool (like a pencil or ruler) to bring back its shape from the inside out.

What care instructions are recommended?

Use a dry cloth or duster to gently remove accumulated dust on your paperlamp.